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Tango in Nijmegen 14.03.2010
Tree Wells on Hatertseweg 03.03.2010
Green Roofs of Plenty in Stuttgart, Germany 24.01.2010
Some green & gritty rooftops in Basel, Switzerland 02.01.2010
Tango at the Gas Station with Mar Ina Bey 01.01.2010
Letter to Portland City Council 18.12.2009
Updated European Bird List 26.11.2009
Nijmegen Part II 09.11.2009
Practicing Boleos at El Corte 29.10.2009
Slovenia's Julian Alps with Brother Ted 20.10.2009
London's Dusty Gedge and Ecoroofs for Biodiversity 05.10.2009
The Highline 15.09.2009
New Amsterdam 15.09.2009
Nijmegen Part I 07.09.2009
Copenhagen Brief 26.08.2009
Norway 18.08.2009
Tyresta National Park 07.08.2009
Sweden 05.08.2009
Urban Birding from Dublin to Stockholm 29.07.2009
Launching Mij Blaag 26.07.2009