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September 2009

The Highline

Exploring Manhatten's newest greenspace.

If you haven't heard New York has a fabulous new park, The Highline, and its a real treat. In its current form, the Highline is a 1.45-mile segment of old elevated freight railroad along the lower west side of Manhattan that has been redesigned and planted as a greenway. The first phase is complete and open to the public. A second middle segment is still being planned and a third, northern section remains a vision as it has yet to be secured as a public park.

The Highline elegantly weaves the wild, the historic, and the contemporary in to a meandering braid of green, steel, and stone. By any standard it is a marvolous inovation in urban regreening that is well worth a visit if you when you are next in Manhatten.

Here's a few photos. There are more via my facebook page.

Highline Park, Manhatten

'Keep it Wild" on the Highline (and in the City).

Flowers on the Highline.

Me kickin' it on the Highline.

Highline greenry.

Microfauna at Highline.

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New Amsterdam

Dutch-America in the Big Apple and Beyond

No exploration of the Netherlands would be complete without a side trip to New Amsterdam (NYC). In my 10-day visit for in the Big Apple and in the Hudson Valley for my friend Emilie's wedding, I strolled along Amsterdam Ave, walked the streets of Harlem borough, and encountered other Dutch place names along the way.

The recreational highlights of this trip to New York included biking the Hudson River greenway trail, biking the Harlem Valley Rail to Trail at the foot of the Berkshires, and strolling New York's new, snazy, Highline Park. See photos of the Highline on a subsequent post).

It was also really good to connect with old friends, Suzi Gordon (and family) and Emilie Sommerhoff (and family). They were gracious hosts. I had some good new times to add to the old.

Amsterdam Ave in Manhatten.

Hanging with Suzi's daughters Elana and Mikayla.

Suzi's son Aiden... with Mikayla in the background.

Star mama Suzi (from over my shoulder) biking the Hudson River Greenway.

Elana in the bike seat.

View of the New Jersey Palisades from the Hudson River Greenway.

Tranquil garden-lot in the East Village.

Looking west over the Catskills at dusk.

Biking the Harlem Valley Rail Trail Greenway.

The view from Bishbash in the foothills of the Berkshires.

Wedding preparations with Emilie. She is so adorable when she is multi-tasking.

Emilie's dad and step-mother had a one-eyed cat named Midge. Midge made me homesick for Mij.

The bride and groom: Emilie and Job. The wedding was a TON of fun. I met and danced with lots of great folks... more than I can detail here. At the wedding ceremony I read this steamy poem by Michael Ondaatje, at her request. All the old east coast ladies and gents came up afterwards and made polite comments on my delivery but made notably few comments on the ...poem itself. Several folks were under the false impression that I selected the poem to read!
Mischievous Emilie, always pushing me out of my prudish shell.

First dance.

Emilie and her Crew.

Here's a little toad I saw on the lawn at the wedding reception.

More soon... from London.

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